Engaging Minds with Philip Tetlock and Barbara Mellers in New York City, December 3, 2011


Imagina un mundo en el que los libros son una invención reciente, y que el internet y los videojuegos han existido de toda la vida. Obviamente los niños están fascinados con los libros y los padres están muy preocupados…
“…Perhaps the most dangerous property of these books is the fact that they follow a fixed linear path. You can’t control their narratives in any fashion – you simply sit back and have the story dictated to you. For those of us raised on interactive narratives, this property may seem astonishing. Why would anyone want to embark on an adventure utterly choreographed by another per­son? But today’s generation embarks on such adventures millions of times a day. This risks instilling a general passivity in our children, making them feel as though they’re powerless to change their circumstances. Reading is not an active, participatory process; it’s a submissive one. The book readers of the younger generation are learning to "follow the plot” instead of learning to lead.

“Everything bad is good for you” de Steven Johnson